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There are so many choices we all need to make in our everyday life. Many times we are faced with unanswered questions. My purpose is to help you find your answers and resolution.


 Are you faced with a choice about career or love? Let me help you find your path. I can guide you to find the clarity you seek to make your decision.


Are odd occurences happening around you? Whether you are sensing an uneasiness in your home or other places, I will consult my guides to help sort through what is happening. 


Have you lost a loved one? I can help you process through your grief by making a connection to them. Life is unpredictable and many of us have unresolved issues with those who are gone. I will help you connect so that you can find some peace.


                                                                     How I work


The moment I make contact with a client I feel the energy that they bring with them. Whether it is by physically seeing them or just hearing the sound of their voice. A natural born "intuitive" I rely on my gifts to give you the answers you seek.I have the abilities of clairvoyance(clear seeing),clairsentience(clear feeling),clearcognizance(clear knowing),claiaudience(clear hearing),and clairalience(clear smelling).I am in continual contact with my guides "The Fabulous Four" who provide the information you seek. I rely on my main guide "Marisa "or "Marie" to locate and bring forward your loved ones for communication.

As a "Lightworker" I always follow the path of positive affirmation and understanding. I work within the boundaries of the karmic laws of the universe, respect the universal vibration and understand the importance of balance and the power of manifestation.













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