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  *Hi all you Janny Di fans...Just want to let you know about my recent reading from our girl; 2 things have already happened in the past two weeks that she mentioned would occur-EXACTLY as she explained...WOW. If you haven't already, please seek the guidance of this multi talented, awesome Pisces witch!!!! Love ya, Janny!!! 

  Stacylynn McGovern - Lowell Massachusetts    


  *   I cant even begin to find the words to express how gifted Janny is. Janny has changed my life so tremendously in the years that I have been a client and friend with her. She has given me hope again. She is straight to the point with no sugar coated answers. I could not imagine my life without her.If you need spiritual guidance or counseling..look no further.  

                                                                    Patricia Romano  Bronx,N.Y.                                                                                                                                         

   *I would like to Thank Janny Di for such a truthful and accurate Reading she did on me At Spirit Quest she was so accurate about my Ancestors and Family it was a almost a shock that a stranger could sense and know so much about someone.

I am looking forward to having another Reading done soon.

                            Her personality is awesome ,you just love her right away.    

   Sandra Chase, Clinton Massachusetts    


   *I spent 30 days with Janny in Salem, MA, a city where there is a plethora of world famous psychics.  Time and time again I was witness to people from all over the world coming back or referring people to Janny for readings.  As they left her table shaking their heads - they could not believe how accurate she was.  This is an annual event and people still come back looking for Janny.  Claudette Bettencourt, Anderson, IN

"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others."  Blessings - Contact Information- Claudette!Magnets and More1023 Meridian StreetAnderson, IN  46016

Unfortunately Claudette has passed -Rest In Peace my friend!

     *Janny Is a very compassionate yet blunt woman. This quality makes her not only a high class lady but an incredible psychic advisor as well. With that New York accent of hers she delivers the truth like you were having a cup of coffee with your sassy aunt that visits but its going to be a surprise. Janny is not a sugar coater because she tells You like it is but she says it in her own way that gets the point across without making you seem stupid. It's these qualities among much more that make her as phenomenal as she is. She in her fabulous way guided me and now not only do I hold in in highest regards of how she is psychically, i am pleased she is my dearest friend and an advisor in my own path. I fully recommended her and always will. She a blessing from the Gods. ~

Ashley Sadie , Salem, Mass.


 *Janny Di  is like no other Psychic Reader I know.  She gives you the truth along that work to help you find your path. She's supportive loyal and faithful to her clients.  By the end of your reading you feel like family. Can't wait for my next reading with her.  

 Blessings. Nicole Green  Cambridge,Mass. 


 *I have known Janny for many years and was aware of her abilities.Unfortunately I lost my husband almost 2 years ago. Since this was an unexpected event my children and I were left with a mound of paperwork and many unanswered questions.I was unsure of a revision coming through concerning my mortgage and was very afraid of losing my home. Janny not only assured me the revision would come she actually told me when. She said I would have my good news by the first week of May 2015. I received the good news on May 1st and I am ecstatic.My home is saved.

Thank You Janny for your amazing insight!  

Diane DiBuono New Rochelle,N.Y.


      *I’m a no stranger to psychic readings, but I love the way Janny works, and I keep coming back to her! I feel very comfortable with her and know that I can trust her and ask any questions; she will answer without any hesitation and spend as much time as needed to explain everything. Recently, I had a tough time in my life, and Janny helped me emotionally . Her readings are my therapy. Thank you Janny very much!

                                                                    Julia Oddo  Norwood ,N.J.                   

   *I have received several readings from Janny throughout the years. She always pinpoints issues occurring in my life at the time of the reading, how I'm feeling about these issues, and gives me valuable insight to help me through everything. I referred her to my cousin and she had an amazing experience with Janny and has seen her several times because of how spot-on her readings were, as well as mine. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to receive a reading to see Janny!

                                                                      Rachel Fraioli , New Rochelle,N.Y.

  *My readings with Janny are always exactly what I need to hear.  She either assures me I'm on the right path, or gives me advice and options of how I can navigate whatever it is I'm facing at the time.  Being read by Janny leaves me at ease, and lets me know that I'm always being taking care of even if I don't exactly see what is ahead of me. 

                                                                    Alfie Dalpino   Yonkers,N.Y.












    *Hi to all-
I just had my first reading with Janni this week. Although my 2 very dear, spiritually evolved friends have been talking to me about her for years, divine timing is everything. I felt like I was talking to a friend. She was so warm and on-board with what was going on in my life that I felt like we were friends forever. Some of my information and the issues I needed direction on were super personal that I was almost embarrassed. But she was so professional.  I just felt like a weight has been lifted from me. She kept on task and asked for divine guidance. And divine it was. I strongly suggest having a reading by Janny. She's so point on and awesome. Also, she's creative and I think I'm going to have her over to do a girl's night out painting party. Love her creativity. She also suggested that I start a Facebook account and perhaps start blogging. And I swear yesterday, I was approached by someone to be a writer on a website called "the good vibes" club. Go figure. I have to submit a piece tonight. lol But it's all good. If not that, than something else. We just can't let the fear paralyze us. And that was something she told me. I loved my reading with Janny, and now I love Janny. You will not be disappointed. She is AWESOME.              

                                                                    Dorothy Emer  Bronx,N.Y.

   *Hi Janny, I just wanted to thank you for the unbelievable reading you gave me the other day. You know while the reading was going on, you provided some information that at that time I couldn't figure out what it meant. After I got home I was able to sit down and really dissect everything. You kept asking me about my husband and there was something regarding tickets coming across. I then realized that I had purchased tickets for him that morning for his trip to Trinidad (unbelievable that it didn't dawn on me before). You also told me that you kept seeing the numbers 3 and 12. The number 3 represented the day my husband's mom passed (she passed January 3rd) and the number 12 represented the age my husband was when he went to live with his mom. This is not the first time that you've been kind enough to meet with me. I must say Janny that all of our meetings have been extremely uplifting and spiritually focused. Thank you so much!!! You're the best!!!!

                                                         Sincerely,      Carla Alcala    Bronx,N.Y.

    *I had the privilege of meeting Janny several years ago.  My first reading with her absolutely blew me away, and she has continued to amaze me ever since. Every reading I have had was spot on. Not only has she given me hope during life's many rough spots but has been able to talk to me about things that have happened in my past, that she could not possibly have known about.  She is a kind and loving lady that has a gift I can only dream of having. I am so very lucky to have met her. I will continue to seek guidance from her and feel blessed knowing she is there.  

                                                                   Kathy DiDio  Hopewell Junction,N.Y.


   *I had the best experience getting my cards read by Janice. Her card reading helped me come to terms with a lot of things that were going on in my life at the time.                               

                                                                 Francesca Russo     Bronx,N.Y.

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