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Do you do house parties?

   Yes. I do travel to your home if it is within a reasonable distance. If you are located farther away,  I require a minimum amount of clients and a deposit. Traveling costs will also be calculated in.


Can I bring someone to the reading with me?  

   Absolutely. It is up to the clients discretion to bring someone along. However I do caution that there is always the possibility of cross information (info pertaining to the person you are with).


How often should I be read? 

  Again that really is up to the client although I prefer at least a three month period in order for events to unfold. If there is a particular question you need guidance on by all means give me a call!


How old do I have to be for a reading?

   Clients should be eighteen years of age. I will consult younger only with the permission and accompaniment of a parent or legal guardian.


 What should I expect from a medium reading? 

  I always ask my clients to come in with an open mind. During a session we never know who will make an appearance. There is no such thing as "dialing the dead". Those who show either have a very strong connection to the client,have information or may just want to confirm that they are around them.

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