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           About Janny 

Reverend Janny Di is a third generation psychic/medium/spiritual consultant born and raised in New York. A natural intuitive she was born with her gifts and views them as another facet of herself. Janny excelled at age six upon the unexpected death of her mother who became her main guide.

A unique blend of both Northern and Southern European bloodlines, Janny has inherited talents from both sides of her family. The Northern"Vjestica" or "knowing one" on her maternal side and Sicilian "Strega" from the paternal.

Janny has the ability to identify and address the issues of her clients with compassion and humor. She hones in on problems simply through the sound of someones voice. She believes everyone can change their life and everyone deserves to be happy. "My four guides will give me the tools to help you find your way through obstacles and hardships".

Janny also believes that our loved ones are always around us. "Many times we just need to slow down and listen". Messages are constantly being given to her audibly and through images .

Janny is also an author and artist. She has been able to use her artistic abilities to sketch portraits of people and places that connect with her clients. She also has an uncanny ability to pinpoint names, dates and numbers. 

Janny's path is that of a "lightworker".

One of Janny's greatest achievements is being an active ordained minister through the Trinacrian Rose Church in Salem,Massachusetts.


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