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The Moon and Magick

Never underestimate the power of the moon. The moon controls the tides and influences much more. It is even believed that because there is fluid in our spines,the moon will influence our moods. Records show there was even an increase of activity in insane asylums during the full moon phase thus the saying"It must be a full moon tonight."Last but not least let's not forget the legend of the werewolf that comes to life while the moon is at its fullest.

When you practice magic you should always be aware of what phase the moon is in. Magickal workings are directly connected to the moon phases. We are now in the waxing phase of the moon. When the moon is waxing it is growing . During this time your magick should be for anything you want to see "increase" in your life. It is a good time for abundance.

The waning moon is when the moon is growing smaller. This is a good time for getting rid of unwanted things in your life or dealing with anything you want to release such as weight loss ,addictions or bad relationships.The other phase typically dealt with are the New moon and the Full moon. The New moon is great for new beginnings and manifestations, It is a time to dream big and plant your seeds. By the time the full moon comes around you should see your changes.

Last but not least is the full moon phase. The full moon is the most powerful of the phases.Any workings that need an extra boost should be done during this time for results.This is when the moon is in her full glory!

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