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Keeping The Faith

As you get older you realise that everyone "gets their share". You also begin to realise that life can be so damn unfair. I've heard all the everyone has their cross to bear etc.Life can be absolutely wonderful or there can be times that you feel you can't go on ,which brings me to this title.

What is faith? I don't mean the actual definition ,I mean what does faith mean to you? Do you feel that troubles give you more faith or loss of? Whatever your beliefs are I just feel it is important to have something to believe in. You may be religious or spiritual or both . Whatever you are always remember you were put here for a reason. There is some part in someone's life or this world that you will play.

In conclusion as hard as it is always try to vibrate at that higher level and try your hardest not to let that dark cloud slip in over your life. Peace, Love and Namaste!

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