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Redecorating On A Budget

Last February I had grown tired of my surroundings and decided I needed a change. I just felt that things were too lived in. My furniture was getting shabby and I was tired of the color on my walls. The first thing I suggest to anyone if they want to redecorate is to paint.

Painting is the most inexpensive way to give your home a whole new look.It freshens everything up. Never be afraid to incorporate color into your home.After all if you really don't like a color you chose you can always cover it up .

I decided to paint. I went with beachy light ,colors throughout my place. Sand and a light aqua blue. I also discovered that you can PAINT YOUR FURNITURE! I'm talking about fabric. I have a couch that I still love. It is a sectional and very well made. I bought it off of my neighbor about 7 years ago. The couch was originally a light spring green. Since the revise I have painted it black. I could not be happier.

There are a few different ways to do this. If you are looking for a basic color,(black,white,tan,grey)there are many pre-mixed fabric sprays out there that you can purchase online. That's the route I took since I wanted black.It takes some time and patience but definitely worth it.

For any customized colors,you can literally go to any hardware store get a gallon of paint in any shade you like.From there you have to mix in the additive that will prevent the fabric from getting stiff.Then just paint it! Use a roller ,brush or any other method you would like.For instructions check out youtube.

I purchased a new sideboard,dining room table with six chairs(all separately so I got what I wanted)painted my walls and couch. Then I purchased a bunch of awesome pillows. All together I spent around $1500.00.I got great ,durable stuff and it feels like a new place.I guess it pays off to watch Trading Spaces ! Namaste.

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