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Corona Pandemic

So here we are buying designer masks and waiting out a government imposed quarantine. I certainly didn't think I'd see it in my lifetime yet here we are.This corona virus swooped down on us like a vulture and still continues to take lives. I am just concerned as the next person but I have to question what's happening in the Media.

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person yet every time I watch the news I end up more confused .

I also question what is being reported. Yes many have died from this virus but many have survived it also.I feel like the Media dwells on such negativity it has us all scared half to death. With that being said I urge everyone to educate themselves.

Make sure you all do your homework on any vaccines that will be offered and remember your rights as an American and a human being when you hear the word mandatory. As an American all you HAVE to do is live and eventually die with FREEDOM.Don't let that be taken away from you.Do not get railroaded into anything and learn how to use the word NO!

These vaccines that the media are talking about have not been tested or around long enough to be completely safe. If you get vaccinated make sure you understand what is being put into your body. Also understand that with a vaccine that has not been tested over time there may be complications for you down the road. What they say is the solution may end up being your demise.Be smart,be safe! Peace and Namaste!

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