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I go onto Social media sites mostly every morning.I go on because honestly it's a way to keep up with people. I don't consider myself obsessed and understand that much of the time I spend on here is out of boredom.I was raised before "computers" became a household item so I can honestly live without it. That being said I'd like to comment on some of the things I see on different social platforms.

I observed that there are different groups that you could probably put many people in. You have your attention seekers,the dis-agreements(I like to call them shit stirrers)The I'm lonely and need friends group,the I need therapies and the I just want to make people smile group just to name a few.

Thinking about it ,I should probably blog on each of these and what they mean but for today I'd like to address the "Judgementals".

The "Judgementals" are probably one of my least favorite groups on Social Media. They are the ones that need to comment on anything having to do with religion,politics, sexual orientation and more. These are the people that somehow feel they have earned the right to degrade others on a public platform. I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion and in writing this ,I myself am being somewhat judgemental but que sera sera. I cannot read things that are blatantly hurtful to others and not comment.

There are billions of people on this blue marble we call Earth so it stands to reason there will be disagreements. I would just hope that instead of all that energy going into saying hateful things maybe it should be channeled into a positive purpose.There is so much hate and negativity in this world as it is.

People are people and I fear things like this will never stop. All I can do is remain positive and continue to help in anyway I can. Always look at the bigger picture before you respond.Peace and Namaste!

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