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Corona Pandemic

Well I honestly never imagined this. A time where I am buying facemasks as the newest accessories for my great nieces and nephews.It truly is a crazy time.Did we ever imagine being under a quarantine? Especially here in the greatest country in the world where we have freedom. Freedoms that are slowly being taken away. I usually don't get all political and I don't want to seem like I'm paranoid but when I see a square peg that's supposed to be put in a round hole I need to question things.

I just want to caution everyone to be educated. Do not cave into getting a vaccine being forced on you by any health provider. Not only for Corona but the flu etc.Read about what's being put into your body before consenting.You'd be very surprised at what you would learn.I am by no means anti-vaccine .I just question what some are saying may be mandatory.There's only one thing as an American I have to do in this go around. Live and Die with FREEDOM

. I will not be forced into doing anything or receiving anything (vaccines,chips)I don't want.

These vaccines have not been tested long enough to be safe in my opinion.I understand the fear many people have about catching this virus and I know many have died.Please remember Covid is not a death sentence for many. Look at the ratio of dead to those who contracted and recovered.This is in no way meant to be a disrespect to those who have lost friends and family. I just want people to understand that if you contract this disease it doesn't mean you will die.However if you are forced to receive a vaccine that was not properly tested you may ...down the road... encounter complications.Please be smart, be safe and let's all look forward to this Pandemic coming to a close. Peace and Namaste!


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