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The Season Of The "Fwitch"

Well that time of year is approaching.The time for pumpkins,black cats and all things magical.It is the time of year that we witches look forward to. It's the most magical,sacred time of year for us and we usually count down the days. It's the greatest time of year but it is also the season of the FWITCH!

Basically FWITCH's are those people who like to jump on the bandwagon and declare themselves a witch. These are the annoying people who seem to think they can throw on a pointy hat and cape and suddenly be transformed. Don't get me wrong,I don't have dibs on wearing those things but it irks the crap out of me when these dingos go around claiming they are casting spells etc. Everyone wants to wear the dress without putting in the time and effort.

I, as I am sure my fellow brothers and sisters of the craft......take what I do very seriously. I study,I read, I hone.I take pride in everything I do. I love what I learn and I live my lifestyle, everyday. It's more than a cape and hat.....It's what we are.

So please all you wannabes out there, be respectful to those who truly live their lives everyday as a witch.Don't present yourself as a witch on social media thinking it scares someone away or think you even have the right to hang with the "cool kids"

if you don't even understand the symbolism of a pentagram. If you really want to live your life as a witch....then do your homework!

To all my fellow magical people.....May we all have a wonderful,blessed,magical season...Hang in there and try not to knock those stupid little witch hat headbands off the tourists! Namaste !

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