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It's Not Always Easy To Recognize Toxic People

Most of us think that we would be able to recognize negativity or toxic people immediately. There are certain things we look for

like lies,neediness etc. Unfortunately these are not the only indications.Toxic people come in different forms.

A good example is someone I was acquainted with. They would keep calling for help for different things when they knew that what they were doing was not legitimate. Nice enough person but willing to make problems in my life if things went wrong. She wanted what she wanted regardless of the consequences.

Another good example is the friend who believes she/he is never wrong. The one who has never supported you or attended any milestones in your life . These are the people that turn on a dime and will drag you through the mud until the day they die. These people are not only negative they truly need psychiatric help. Basically they hate themselves so they need to drag everyone else into the abyss with them.

In conclusion we all learn from trial and error but when you start to sense something isn't right trust yourself. You'll save yourself a lot of aggravation and time in the long run. Namaste!

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