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Psychics Playing Dirty

It truly is pathetic how some so-called professionals handle themselves. There is more to being a Psychic than making money. Don't get me wrong,everyone should be ambitious and is entitled to make money. I also feel that if you are in this line of work you should believe in yourself and in helping others. After all what we do is a form of counseling.

There are plenty of "psychics" out there that will play dirty. These are the gems that will call other psychics and pretend to be someone looking for advice. They will ask a million questions than retract payment and move on to the next victim. They may also do anything to move your name down a list on a site where you have bid for a place.Another favorite move is getting onto your profile,posing like a client then drag you through the mud with a bad review.This is the kind of stuff you would expect from children not adults.

Have some pride for your trade and some respect for others in your field. As far as I am concerned these people are not only a disgrace to those of us who truly care for our clients but they are weighed down by their own insecurities. Trying to discredit others and insecurity walk hand and hand.Shame on you !

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