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So You Think Being A Phone Psychic Is Easy?

Don't get me wrong...I absolutely love what I do but I get the impression that when I tell some people what I do they think it's an easy gig.As someone who has been around the block a few times so to speak and worn quite a few different hats , I assure you this is probably the hardest career I have ever had and here's why.

First of all I take what I do very seriously, I honestly try to do my very best to help anyone who is in need. I am not one to hesitate or "shoot the shit" to rack up minutes.I would not want that done to me. So when a first time caller connects to me and decides they are going to give me flack about everything I say( during their first free 3 minutes.)..this is what I want to say to you.......I (as in real life) do not like to play games.I do not like to be "tested" or pushed to the limit of telling you to go f**k yourself because you find it amusing. Please go get your jollys off somewhere else.You will not shake,destroy or rattle me. I am very confident in my words and self so go try it with an amateur dearie and by the way I will be telling you to go "f**k yourself" in such an eloquent manner that you won't even know I am doing so.

Secondly if you are truly interested in what the cards have to say can you please just zip it and listen?If you are insistent on speaking over the reader and not even considering what is being said...then what the hell are you calling for? Save your money,my breath and time and answer your own damn questions.

And last but not least we have the seethingly jealous reader who is registered on the same sight calling in and posing as a client. They have no interest in what you say ...they just want to keep interrupting and when the time is over they will review you twisting your words(cause they had shit in their ears to begin with)and will continually thank their guides and angels etc. for having the strength to be such a revealer of truth..blah blah blah blah....They should be thanking their psychiatrist for the increase of milligrams in their painkiller ...also look under "L" for life and friggin get one you hateful,jealous,nutty as a fruitcake beeyotch.You too need to keep out of my life and business and understand that I am a professional who is as sane as they come with an I.Q. that's higher than you are at the moment you psycho.In the words of my Bff Mr. Willie Rosario ...Am I Bitter??????? You bet your ass I am!

In conclusion I want to give a shout out to all my friends who are in this wacky,wonderful career....Keep your heads on straight and keep up the good work!


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