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Acknowledge the Signs

The other morning I looked out my window and noticed some trash that had blown down my driveway.I threw my slippers on and went outside to pick it up.As I was turning from picking up some paper I noticed a butterfly on the low wall that runs the length of my property. I stood still watching to see when it was going to move. To my surprise it never did. The butterfly was dead ,frozen in time ,upright and beautiful.I reached down put it in my palm and took it inside. I actually felt a sadness come over me looking at this beautiful creature that was no longer able to float on the wind bringing beauty to anyone who saw it. I laid it down on my altar and proceeded to investigate the spiritual meaning of a butterfly.I know it was no coincidence that I was led outside to discover this treasure.

What I discovered was this beautiful creature represents "transformation." The significance of that one word in my life ,at this precise time is profound. I have gone through so much in many areas of my life recently.So much has finally resolved and so much is yet to come. I have been taking many steps(personally and professionally) to make these changes / transformations to move forward and continue on my path of Spirituality and Light. This little beauty was just a reminder from the Universe to continue on my path and embrace these "transformations" that are on their way! Namaste !

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