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Growing Up With David Bowie

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of David Bowie last night. Besides the obvious reasons like his unique songwriting and deep velvety voice,I was trying to put my finger on why it was affecting me the way it did. I sat there for awhile going through his songs on youtube and then it hit me.David Bowie was more than a performer...David Bowie was a pioneer who led a whole era of young people into the future...and most importantly into acceptance.

Any of you born in this era understand exactly what I'm writing about.

We were the generation of Woodstock,The Vietnam War,Abbey Road...The world was evolving and we just knew we were all a part of this awesome awakening. David came onto the scene with his Spiders from Mars rocking us out and taking us musically to places we never could have imagined.

Watching him belt out Gene Genie in drag he helped us to understand acceptance. Most of us hadn't even heard of the word androgyny before.I still have vivid memories of sitting in the movie theatre watching "The Man Who Fell To Earth' and later on watching him as the Goblin King Jareth in " Labyrinth". David Bowie was an enigma, actor ,a superstar,a pioneer,writer,performer and much more.....and as far as I am concerned he was not only a father to his children but a father to all of us .....he catapulted our generation X into the future....

Take your place amongst the greats.... John,George,Jimi,Janis,Jim,Duane,Sid,Ronnie,Keith , Freddie and so many more.....You will be missed more than you know....Shine bright Starman!


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