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If you have been to me for a reading or are on my facebook page,chances are you have heard me speak about Harmonyum. The reason why I hold this type of healing in such high regard is I truly believe it has and continues to change my life in a really positive manor.

I came upon Harmonyum about 4 years ago when I found a wonderful Mental Health Counselor named Keicia Noelle Derry(Now Keicia Noelle Hare).I originally found her for a family member and immediately recognized the light within her. That light was Harmonyum. We spoke about it,I started to get it and it was the greatest gift I could and continue to give myself.

Basically what it does is pull out the gunk that we all collect along lifes road and replaces it with light. It straightens out your Karma and just changes your life. After about 6 months I started to notice big changes in me. One of the most noticeable is I could no longer tolerate anything or anyone who was negative in my life. I was on such an even keel. No longer did I curse or throw the "bird" at bad drivers . My level of patience and compassion had increased immensely. I did and continue to see things in a different light.

Believe me I'm far from being Mother Theresa but for a girl born and raised in New York (Yonkers,Bronx and now New Rochelle)my whole attitude has changed. I pick and choose my battles wisely and simply release anything or anyone that is toxic.Spiritually I am in such an awesome place and from what I hear it shows. My business is booming and my clients all tell me the same thing after I spend time with them,"I feel like a weight has been lifted" is what I hear quite often along with "I feel so much better".

I am in no way stating these things because I am bragging,I am stating these things as proof of how I feel Harmonyum has given me such an increased insight to issues and the ability to truly help people.After all isn't that what it's all about? Peace and Namaste!

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Harmonyum Practitioner: Keicia Noelle Hare Larchmont,N.Y. Contact number 914-246-7006

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