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Animal Totems

Is there an animal,insect etc.that you really connect with? Do you associate yourself with the spirit of that animal? An example would be feeling a connection to the spirit of a wolf. The need for freedom and peace you feel when you are outdoors.Another way a person can connect is by the frequency of that animal being spotted. Obviously unless you live in an area that is very secluded chances are you aren't going to run into an actual wolf everyday but you may find you run across an image of one. Whether you are watching television or out shopping and spot one on a card,shirt etc.

I have always connected with the dragonfly. I find wherever I go I spot one. This happens on a regular basis. I actually was visited by one a few weeks ago when I was sitting on the beach in Wildwood Crest N.J. I never realized that dragonflies even flew around the ocean. I always thought they were found primarily around lakes,pools and more calmer bodies of water. Either way it managed to land on my beach chair.

When I realized how often I did see these awesome creatures I did some research. It seems that the dragonfly is considered the messenger that flies between the two worlds. It brings thoughts,images and words from those who have crossed over to the other side. When I read this it all made sense. I am a psychic medium by trade and these beautiful creatures remind me of just how blessed I am to have these gifts ! So the next time you find yourself spotting a certain animal,insect etc.that you seem to keep spotting....take note and do your research...Chances are your totem has found you !

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