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Hallowtide is coming!

Hallowtide is the term that is used for the three special days that are celebrated starting with October 31st. October 31st (Halloween) is rooted deep in history along with many of the traditions for the holiday. Traditionally it is known as the last harvest before the dark,cold days of winter set in.It is a time to regroup and take stock of supplies that will take you through the winter months.It is also the day that the veil between the living and the dead is considered the thinnest.

Next we have November 1st. This is known as All Saints Day. This holiday is celebrated by the Roman Catholics and some Protestant denominations. It is also celebrated by other religious sects at other times of the year. The holiday celebrates all saints whether they are known or not.

Last but not least All Souls Day. This is the day to remember the dead. Many would leave gifts and food on their doorsteps so the dead would not enter their homes. Personally I view this day as a celebration. To me it is a day to celebrate my roots and my ancestors. It is also a day of reflection.We all need to remember and be thankful and proud of where we come from!

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