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Asking the Universe for what you need carefully!

We all go through many different things during our lifetimes. Financial gains and difficulties,love problems etc.It's all a part of life and there are always lessons in everything.During my spiritual journey I have truly learned the meanings of many of the sayings we use everyday."Be careful what you ask for" is one that resonates to me.

Everything in life is timing and there is always a balance.A positive and a negative. I always counsel people to bring the things they want into their lives by the power of manifestation. I also warn them that the way something may manifest may not be pleasant or expected. For example you may be having financial issues . It's fine to ask the Universe to manifest money to help you out but always make sure you add in "with harm to noone" or "for the better good of all."After all you don't want to receive this extra cash through a death of a loved one or through an accident that harms you.Trust that the Universe hears everything you petition and know that it doesn't know good from bad...the Universe just hears what you are asking for.Make sure you specify!

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