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Fear the Living not the Dead

One of my biggest pet peeves is how so much miscontrued information actually gets out to the public through media. The biggest offender of course is the shows that are broadcasted on television. The shows about hauntings,being attacked by ghosts etc. I am not saying that there are no cases of spirit/demon attacks but it really is very rare. Many of these shows are revved up to catch the viewers interest.I find it similar to many readers out there. As far as I'm concerned any reader who is predicting doom and gloom or your demise is full of hot air. As a psychic I'm not stating that we do not see foreboding events ( which we will give you a heads up on) but it's certainly not to the extreme of these actors you see on many shows.As far as knowing when you are leaving this place, again there may be a indication such as a low life force but none of us are God. The only entitiy that truly knows when you are going to go is the same one that placed you here.

As I stated earlier attacks from the deceased are not as common as indicated. What I do know is there are a lot of crazy LIVING people out there. These are the ones you should fear. The predators,rapists,murderers etc. Please keep yourselves safe and be aware of anyone who seems to be acting strangely around you. Eyes open and go with you gut !

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