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Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

The pressure of todays society can really get to people. It seems like you work and work,still have debt and barely pay your bills. I'm sure it's easier in other places but here in New York it ain't easy. Everyone would love to have the ability to live without financial worries. We would all love to be able to live without other worries too. Love and health issues.etc.

I counsel many people along the course of the year and the one thing I always try to instill is perspective. Looking at the greater picture. Everyone struggles but if your struggles are worrying about how to pay your cell phone or cable bill that is miniscule to heaven forbid dealing with cancer ,divorce,a sick child or any other painful issue.

I have been through quite a bit in my lifetime. Much of it very sad. There were times when I cried my eyes out got down on my knees and begged yet through all this as painful as it was I always knew it could be worse. In the end I am one of the lucky ones.The dust has settled and we are all healthy and dealing.I am someone who always tries to look at that glass being half full.Positive attitude brings positive changes ! Positive attitude also MANIFESTS positive results.........Namaste!

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