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Smiles for Michael

If you asked me a few years ago,never in a million years would I think that I would be blogging about one of the most beautiful souls that I ever had the pleasure of knowing. His name was Michael.Michael was one of those kids who you never minded having around. He had an awesome sense of humor and yes always had a smile on his face.

Last night I attended the second annual fundraiser for Michael. You could tell how much this young man was loved by all who were in attendance......grade school friends,high school friends,family even friends who traveled down from Connecticut where he attended a couple of years at college.

Michael Cody DiZenzo passed suddenly two years ago on June 20th from Myocarditis.For those of you who are not familiar with this condition it is described as a germ or bacteria that travels directly to the heart. It is not easily detected or treated but is more common than you think. It does not affect a certain age group or race. It is one of those things that happens more frequently than you'd think. It's the same condition that took my mother from me over 40 years ago,She was 34.

Now that the "Season of Giving" is upon us, I urge everyone who knows me to consider donating to this cause that is very important to me.With everyones help hopefully they can find a way to detect this condition more quickly so that people like Michael would still be here with us..Please go to this link and give what you can.......Blessings !

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