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We Are All Divine

It's amazing to me how people view themselves. So many times I sit and read an individual who is so awesome you can see their light shining before they sit down yet they don't see it. I'm not talking about outer beauty,I'm talking about the "substance",the "inner being" the whole make-up of the person.

I believe in God. I believe in religion. I believe religion is an awesome thing until man comes in and starts laying down rules and regulations to suit their needs. I believe that whatever greater being there is out there(whether you call him/her Buddah,Jesus,Allah)is not alone in helping us along our path. I also believe that all of us are placed exactly where we are supposed to be placed and we all have a purpose.We are all born DIVINE.

So when you are being ridiculed for what you want to do ,or being told you won't succeed or you're wasting your time,that is when you need to take a moment. Take that moment,step back,breathe and really reach into your soul for guidance. Listen to yourself, see your light, recognize your divinity and trust you are on the right path ! Namaste!

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