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Staying True To Your Trade

It's hard enough to have credibility in the psychic world. When I say psychic world I mean anyone who is in the line of work that explores things that are "other wordly". Readers(tarot or other) divinators,ghost hunters,mediums etc.

It seems that reality television has propelled many of these so-called experts into the publics eye . There is nothing more annoying than having to explain to people that what they see on t.v. and what an experience is truly like are absolutely two different things. First of all ,I don't care if you are considered the greatest medium in the world ,noone is 100% ....100% of the time. Just because you turn on a show and see some woman running up to strangers giving messages does not make it factual. These are shows people. These shows have staff that ask questions and shows are edited before they air. I am not doubting that some of these "reality stars "have some type of talent ,I am just stating that it's impossible for it to be exactly as you see on t.v.

So if you ever decide to have mediumship work done,please remember to go into it with an open mind. Remember who you want to hear from may not make an appearance. They may have nothing to say......There's no such thing as dial the dead. Namaste!

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