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The Art of Giving

With the high cost of living it is very hard to keep our heads above water. The last thing we can think about is giving. Giving is something that can take on many different forms.There's giving in the monetary sense but there is also giving in the voluntary sense. If you find that you need to make every penny count then try an alternative method of giving.

You can look into local charities and see if there is any volunteer work you can do. You can also see if there are any clothing drives you may be able to contribute to. That sweater you no longer wear can keep someone warm all winter.

Another way to give is to use any skills or talents you may have. Go to a senior home and lead a craft class,start a sing a long or read a book. It may not seem like a lot to us but to people who have nothing but time on their hands it can make a world of difference! Namaste!

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