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These Things Really Can Happen!

The other day I was watching the news. There was a report about how a dog almost burned a house down. They went on to explain that there are quite a few animal related fires that start every year. In the video they showed a dog jumping up to try to grab a slice of pizza out of a box that was left on the stovetop. While the dog was doing this it accidentally turned on one of the burners and you see the box ignite immediately.Thankfully the owners returned home a minute after this happened and were able to put it out.

My thought on this was how stupid it was to leave something tempting to the dog on the stove top.If the pizza wasn't there the dog would have no reason to jump up.

The other morning my nephew (who lives downstairs) knocked on my door and said he smelled gas. The odor was coming from the other apartment on the first floor. I contacted the tenant and he came home immediately. My tenant had been dog sitting for someones dogs.One of them being a mid sized pitbull. Well apparently the dog had jumped up to grab something on the stove and he turned on the burner slightly which caused the gas to leak out.

We were all extremely lucky to have caught this immediately. I just thought that it was so wild that these things really can happen!

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