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Staying True To You

While talking to a friend today I was reminded of a few things.The first being that if you are around long enough it can be really hurtful seeing just how disappointing people can be.So many people come into your life at different times. Some you bond with some you don't. What's disappointing is when you really truly need a shoulder to cry on ,many times those so called "friends" are just not there for you even though you would be the first to run to them when the shoe was on the other foot.

Sometimes that can make you feel like an idiot. It is never a good feeling to be taken advantage of.I always tell people who are in these situations the same thing. Whatever happens in your life always make sure you remain true to who you are. If you are a good person do not let negative people effect you. Stay true to who you are and eventually you will attract those who think and act as you do ! Namaste !

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