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Who Are The Real Demons?

The other day I was watching the usual array of paranormal shows on one of my favorite pass time channels. I have seen many of these shows quite a few times. It always caught my attention as to how many different opinions there are about ouija boards,tarot cards and any other forms of divination.It seems like everyone is an expert(rather they think they are.)

One of my big pet peeves (which I have blogged about before) is how on so many of these investigations there are always demons revealed. I feel like many of these investigators and psychics love using the "D" word. Don't get me wrong there are truly cases where there are demonic forces at work but it's just not possible that it's present in all these investigations.That got me to thinking.........

Who are the real demons in these cases? If you ask me I have to question these "ghost hunters" as to how knowledgable and schooled they truly are about demonic activity.They report back to the family members living in these houses and deliver the horrifying news of how dangerous it is for the family to remain there....So I propose this question......Is there really demonic activity in the home or are the true demons these investigators who come in and claim these homes are unsafe basically scaring the life out of these poor people???????????????

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