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Well it's that time of year again. Giving is in the air. Usually when it comes to the time where we start to shop for the holidays we go to the malls or shop online. There is another alternative. A great alternative that can save you a lot of money while you are donating to an awesome cause.

The alternative is The Humane Society Thrift Shop. This place is awesome. The donations that have been made to this store are incredible. Beautiful stuff at an even better price. It truly is a place of hidden treasures.

So when you need that last minute gift for a teacher or your babysitter or better yet dog-walker please consider making your purchases at The Thrift Shop.It is located at 54 Centre Avenue in New Rochelle,N.Y....Tell my friend Donna ,Janny sent you !

Store hours are T-F 11-3;30

Sat. 10-4 Namaste and Happy Shopping!

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