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Avoiding Black Friday Like the Plague

It's the day after.The day after Black Friday.If you're wondering where the term is I was told that it's the day where all the stores(Basically the big retail chain stores)finally make enough revenue to get out of debt.Out of the red(debit) and into the black (profit).

There are a few reasons why I avoid this day. I do like to actually enjoy the holidays. I don't like to be pushed,cut-off,hissed at,cursed at or in one instance hit by a car.Yes folks the woman pulling out of the spot rolled me and the cart I was pushing a good 15 feet before she even realized I was there. Then to top it off scowled at me like I did something wrong.

I actually saw an article today that claimed an astonomical amount of people got injured or killed yesterday during these "Super Sales". I am not gullible to believe everything I see on social media but I am sure that there is some truth to it. After all I actually ventured out on Black Friday about 6 years ago....and I will promise you this.....I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN ! Namaste...and please BE KIND TO EACH OTHER!

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