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Understanding Your Personal Power

I had a couple reading last night that really got me thinking about things. In this particular situation a newly wed couple was unable to move forward because of fear put upon them by one of their ex spouses. It really is amazing to me just how fearful people can be. I often see clients who feel they have been hexed or cursed and I always come to the same solution.I do believe that these things exist but it takes so much time ,energy and hate for someone to hex you(besides the fact that you need to know what you are doing) odds are a lot less "hexing" is going on than most believe.

I believe in personal power. I believe if you protect yourself and your family daily and you know your self worth that nothing much can touch you. Take your own personal power back,hold your head high and move forward. Don't ever let anyones "threats" or negativity effect you.These things will only bother you if you believe in them. Be The Magick!Namaste!

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