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Bringing In New Energy For 2016

Well we all experienced the magical full moon on Christmas. The enegy of the moon plus the magick of Christmas was awesome and we won't see that again for quite a few years. I hope you all utilized the energy and got your intentions out there so the universe can manifest for you.

Now we can all move onto the next phase. The first New Moon of the Year,January 9th.Take the time to write down your intentions.On top of the paper write something like "I bring these things into my life for the better good with harm to noone."Then start with your intentions.Just list them. As many as you would like.When you are done ,roll the paper up and tie it (preferably with a gold ribbon)and put it away somewhere. If you would like you can even start a vision board or take a notebook ,cut and paste all the things in it that you would like to manifest..Put it all away until the full moon.At that time pull the list out,read over it ,see if anything has manifested.... If not have patience and belief. If anything on the list did manifest,drop it off the list and rewrite the whole list adding and revising any way you like...You'll be very pleasantly surprised to see the results. Namaste!

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