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How Reality Shows Alter The Truth

We as a society are entranced by reality shows. There are shows following housewives,hoarders,hairdressers and more.Of course included in this bunch is Psychic/Mediums. Without picking and choosing there are about 4 or 5 shows airing right now on different channels following the lives of psychics. I am all for the public understanding that there truly are some good psychics out there but understand your experience may be nothing like what you witnessed. Nothing irks me more than meeting a client who is an avid follower of one of these shows and actually believes what they are seeing is the truth.

I do not doubt that some of these people featured on these shows have some type of ability ,what bothers me is that they are depicted as being infallible. That right there should be everyones first clue. I don't care if you are considered one of the most accurate psychics ever..NO ONE IS 100% RIGHT 100% OF THE TIME! The public can sometimes forget that these shows are scripted and edited. You will never see a live taping. There is a reason for that.

I love what I do and I Thank God for my gifts everyday but mediumship is serious business. It is draining and many times just as emotional for the medium as it is for the client.

So please ,if you are ever going to hire a medium to connect you with your loved ones....go into it understanding that your experience will probably not be what you watched on TLC,LOGO or any other one of the reality channels.If your medium is good...It will be a personal,rewarding and intimate



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