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My Experience in Salem Mass.

Around 5 years ago I was up in Massachusetts visiting friends and I found myself gravitate into Salem.There is something very special about it. I walked around ,took in the sights and of course went to get a reading.I was lucky enough to sit down with Leeanne Marrama. The reading was awesome and little did I know it was a moment that would change my life. You see Leeanne spoke to me about being a reader professionally.

Those of us who are in this profession understand that it is something that we are born with and it comes out at different times for everyone. Some get the "gift" after an accident or near death experience,others due to a devastating loss of a loved one. Personally I know I always had it but it took the death of my Mom at age 6 to really bring me into my own.Either way we always manage to find our way to the path we need to be on.

I am so grateful that I wondered into Salem that day.Since then I have been blessed to work as a reader there for a couple of years and have made connections with people I treasure...So many to name...Just know I love you all and look forward to many years of friendship....Blessings to my

Salem Family ! Namaste!!!!!


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