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Don't Get Fooled By Phone Scammers

Wow. The things you learn in this business. I am truly blessed to be guided by someone who has seen it all. Unfortunately there are many "clients" (and I use that term loosely)out there that want something for nothing. There are many different ways that they can pull a fast one over on you.These people will go from psychic to psychic pulling the same crap. If you have not been warned or are caught offguard you can very well be cheated out of being paid for your service.Following are some tips to help you avoid that.

1) Beware of anyone calling from a blocked number. Chances are they have tried this many times and their number has been flagged.I recently had this happen to me. Thankfully the person then texted me giving me their number. When I called it back ,I could barely understand the person speaking and just hung up. My guardian angels must have been watching out for me because later on when I spoke with my friend she knew exactly who it was.

2) Never ever read for anyone who does not make payment first. Just because they say they are going to pay, it doesn't mean they will follow through with it.Make sure all payments are made and you have received your paypal confirmation,

3) Obviously if you have a client you continuously have payment issues with do not read for them. Remember you always have the right to refuse service.

As I stated earlier I was lucky enough to have someone who warned me about many "regulars" who are really scammers. As a psychic community we need to keep each other updated on anyone who is trying to cheat us. Namaste!

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