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Never Let Anyone Steal Your Thunder

If there is any lesson everyone needs to learn in life it is to always know your self worth. You will find that the more success you have in life the more walls will come up against you.Many people will feel threatened when your star begins to shine.

I have lost so called "friends" over the last few years because of stupidity, pettiness, accusations etc.. Through all this I know those who have dropped out needed to. The Universe always takes care of those who do NOT belong in your life. It will always release you of any dead weight.

So for anyone who is thinking of getting into this business remember you will be up against many who smile at you while their intentions are not in your favor. You will also meet some authentic

wonderful people who will truly do their best to see you succeed.Be careful who you allow to be around you and always keep your eye on the prize! Namaste!

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