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The Older I Get The More Disappointed I Get In People

During one of my readings the other day a subject came up that seems to repeat itself over and over again. The subject? Disappointing people. We go through life making friendships hoping they will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that seems to happen a lot less than you would think. I have had my personal fall outs(most of them I find to be ridiculous) but it is what it is.I realised a long time ago that many people thrive on gossip and drama.

It can be really hurtful when a friendship(or what you thought was one) ends.Especially if it was someone you knew and trusted. I have learned many hard lessons in life. I try to keep friendly with everyone and leave it up to that person whether or not they want the friendship to continue.

In conclusion if it doesn't involve my family (don't talk about my kids) or you don't slander me in any public way, I don't care what others chose to do. Be friends with me or not it just doesn't matter to me because I don't live my life worrying about crap like that. Life is too short. I also am confident in the fact that anyone I know who has any substance and is a great person basically feels the same way I do.Those are the" great ones" I surround myself with! Namaste!

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