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Ides of March

In case you have any question about what the phrase "Beware the Ides of March" means here is an explanation. In the Ancient Roman calendar "Ides" are a day that falls roughly in the middle of the month.It is either the 15th or the 13th of the month. The reason why the "Ides of March" has made it's mark in history is because of the important events that took place during this date. Different periods throughout history and some events not being as important as others yet all of them either devastating or just plain disappointing.One being the famous Ed Sullivan Show getting cancelled back in 1971. Another being the global alert and scare back in 2003 concerning SARS.

The most famous of all the "Ides" is the assasination of Julius Caesar in 48 B.C. Caesar was stabbed to death in front of the senate. The stabbing was led by Marcus Junius Brutus.You can read all about the events that took place in Shakespeares play "Julius Caesar" written back in the 16th century.

Anyway throughout history the "Ides of March" are known to be a time of betrayal and backstabbing(excuse the pun). In Shakespeares play,Caesar was warned to Beware the Ides of March. Caesar ignored the warning from the seer and even went as far as stating ,"I'm still here!" The reply from the seer?????? The day isn't over yet! This was all based on true events that took place in that time period. Caesar really was warned about the ides. He was told at the very least he would be hurt.Obviously he did not listen which led to his tragic ,bloody death.See? We even had a hard time getting people to listen to us back in the day! Namaste and enjoy the day !

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