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Why I Do What I Do

I received an e-mail recently that got me thinking.What is my thing? I know I finally went professional after many years of receiving messages and having experiences for a reason.As anyone in this business knows ,it's a slow start. Not many of us are in the position to take the time to "establish" ourselves. It takes time, energy,money, blood,sweat,tears and BELIEF!

Aside from all that I know my "Thing" is a calling. It's a calling to get people back on track so that they can live the life they deserve to. Everyone deserves fulfillment, love and happiness in their life.

From the very first time I saw a "turn-around" with a person,I knew I was in the right business. Seeing someone who comes to you depressed,desperate and just beaten down actually flourish and become who they deserve to be is my "Thing".We are all here to help each other. We are also all entitled to a great life!

So if I had to sum it up,I'd say my greatest ability is to give the gift of hope. Letting people know there is always a way through the darkness into the light ! Namaste !

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