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The Universe Reminds Us !

As we all know, life has a way of leading us down paths. Many of us have good intentions of getting together with friends,helping others out etc.It really just seems that in this fast paced world we really can't find the time. We are always striving to move further and achieve more. We are always trying to keep up with technology and material items that keep us up to pace and to some degree seem like small miracles........and then you hold a newborn......

Talk about one of the most amazing miracles ever. When you look into that newborns eyes its such a reminder of how incredible the gift of life is. This is not something you can purchase or upgrade to.Just like seeing the first bloom in spring or the beauty and symmetry of a seashell the universe reminds us of what beauty and miracles are around us everyday. Take the time to acknowledge your miracles.Take the time to create miracles for others. Be kind,be humble and most of all be Grateful !

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