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Earth Day

Okay so today is Earth day. It got me to thinking. Shouldn't everyday be Earth day?I am not going to sit here and lecture everyone about the state of our planet for a couple of reasons. One being I am by far not perfect when it comes to doing everything I possibly can for the environment. On the other side of the coin,I do what I can.

One of those things is recycling. Please take the time to rinse and separate your cans and bottles even if it is still on a voluntary level where you live.Yes,it takes a small amount of time and yes it requires having another receptacle in your home but it is a small price to pay for helping Mother Earth. We have a tendency to forget that the reason why we are all here is because of her!

Another very simple thing to do is get rid of your trash where it belongs. DO NOT LITTER.It's a disgusting habit. Nothing irks me more than seeing someone throwing trash out their car window.Living in the state of New York I am appalled at the condition of some of our highways.Litter strewn all over the place.Not only does it look disgusting it's unsanitary.

So in conclusion...please take the time to make these little adjustments in your life(if you haven't done so).If we all do our does make a difference! Have a Happy Earth Day ! Namaste!

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