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Going Back To Basics

Seeing so many posts on social media about "When I was Younger" got me to thinking. I started to reflect back and in this process I realized a couple of things. 1) I sound a lot like those adults used to when I was a kid .2) It truly was a happier,less complicated,simpler time.

I think about those hot summer days on the block(which I still live on by the way) when we all sat on someones front steps talking, laughing and scheming up stupid antics. I think about how we used to wreck our new sneakers from Korvettes by roller skating with metal skates that had a key to tighten them on and a red leather strap that went around your ankle. We used to fly around the corner hanging onto the back of someones banana seat so fast our skates would spark and melt the rubber.That's just one of the small memories that made life so happy.

My how the world has changed. Kids have to wear helmets, knee pads,elbow pads etc. Everyone is trying to keep up with each other by having a newer cell phone,car,designer clothing etc.We were thankful to even get a hand me down piece of junk vehicle from a relative that took us from point A to point B. Those summer nights of picking up all your friends and cruising around endlessly to see who was around. Supertramp, marshmallows, Lil Abners, Farrah hair, 50 cents for a pack of Marlboro box.Such great memories.

As an adult I sometimes find myself revisiting those days by doing something that brings me back.For example: I've been making fresh squeezed lemonade like a madwoman. Ask my family.Been chasing them down telling them to drink more lemonade every time I see them.

Yes something as stupid and simple as lemonade.Yet it's all a part of the Good Old Days.Sometimes Going back to basics is all we need ! Namaste!

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