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Vacationing and Pollution

It truly is a sad world we live in today. Everything is in overdrive.This is especially true for our society. As busy as we are there are some basic things that are embedded in us. One of them being time off and vacation.

I have taken many different vacations in my lifetime and have settled on one I take yearly,It truly epitomizes the meaning of the word vacation. It is relaxing,beautiful,spiritual and more. My vacation is anywhere near the SEA!

This brings me to my next point. Since summer is the height of tourism there is a heavy influx of people.This in itself is not a problem. The problem is these animals that do not respect our beautiful shores and water.There is nothing more beautiful than the ocean in the morning before the crowds have arrived. On the other side of the coin there is nothing more disheartening and disgusting then sitting in the sand and spotting thrown plastic bottles,diapers,cigarette butts etc. strewn along the shore.

I would never deny anyone a bottle of water or a sandwich on the beach but for God's sake,pick up after yourself. There are many trash cans placed along the shoreline..PLEASE USE THEM! Do't be so selfish and careless that you ruin it for everyone else...and yes every little bit counts...Be responsible and enjoy what Mother Nature has given us! Namaste !

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