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The Responsibilities of Being A Reader

Whether you are a card reader, medium ,psychic , all three or anything else in the psychic community there is one important rule you should always remember. You have a huge responsibility to who you are reading. It is one thing to pull a few cards for someone to see what's coming up but it is a totally different thing if that particular "client" shows indications of depression or suicidal tendencies.It is so important to know when something is beyond your help. You should know when it is time to gently direct someone to get help from someone in the mental health field.It's not always about the money.

I have done a lot of Medium work and after someone leaves I always think about how that session has affected them. I always pray and meditate before I even sit down with a client. If I have the honor of speaking to their loved ones I want to make sure I'm getting the message right. Again it is a very large responsibility that can change someones life. We all need to take it seriously and provide honest information to our clients. Let's all move forward with Integrity and Love. Namaste!

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