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Remembering Who We Are

I worry about this country. I worry about how all the progress we have made is being destroyed. I don't like how everyone is separating.We have come so far in getting everyone on board to be accepting and loving towards each other .It really doesn't matter what color your skin is or what your sexual preference is. Think before you act. Don't allow the actions of the few define a whole race...You DO NOT want to go back in time. Trust me .I lived through the tail end of prejudice and segregation and it wasn't pretty.I'm no dummy.I know hatred still exists but I prefer to be more towards the erasing the hate side than the hatred is active side.We need to stand together as people.We need to show the world that our beautiful country is still a force to be reckoned with.We need to make it known that we value the lives of our sons and daughters who fight for us.By separating we are giving these animals exactly what they want. United we stand,Divided we fall....Stand tall whether you are Asian,White,Native American,Black or Hispanic...I don't care if I'm politically correct .I am speaking from my heart. ALL OUR LIVES MATTER.....WE ARE AMERICANS!!! The greatest country in the world,the great melting pot...Everyone stop fucking whining and remember that..All connected through the great tapestry of life.Part of my ancestry is in Southern Italy. Sicily to be exact. There are only like 100 miles or so between Sicily and Tunisia,Africa.I may be considered Caucasian but according to history I still have African blood in my veins along with most Southern Italians.My ancestors were not Caucasian on any census they were black. Never judge a book by the cover.I pray the younger generation educates themselves. You have no idea how easy you have it. Yes there are other issues but if you want to get a real eye opener research. Pull up Jim Crow laws of segregation. Look into your ancestry and learn about how we all ended up here in this great nation.We need to get our shit together put this bullshit aside and show the world who we truly are. We are Proud,we are free, we are the United States of America!

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