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Re-charging your battery

It's been awhile since I have blogged. One of the reasons for that was just getting carried away with the summer.Another really prominent reason was burn-out.We all work hard during the year and come to a certain point where we just feel such low energy it's hard to even concentrate.That is why it is so important to tune out and plug in!

Whatever it is that makes you feel alive again is what you need to do. For me it is taking my yearly journey to the Ocean.Once again this year I was able to walk down to the water ,put my feet in and totally recharge. Yes,I am a Sea Witch and actually feel electric when I am there. I sat and spoke of all I am grateful for ( yes out loud ) then asked for all I need. I asked God (yes I am Catholic) and the Universe to hear my intentions and to bring all these wonderful things into existence. I prayed and asked that others who deserve happiness and peace in their lives get it too.I called on the deities of the water to hear me. I asked for a sign and was visited by a single sand crab that walked right up to where I sat when I walked back to the hotel.This reminded me of my attachment to the moon and that I need to go with the flow so I can be divinely cared for.

Whether it is by just meditating,going for a walk somewhere peaceful or just slowing down please take time for yourself to relax and re-energize. You are no good to anyone if you have nothing left to give.Peace,Love and Namaste!

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