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Speaking Your Mind Vs. Being Everyone's Buddy

I have been around long enough to have met ,befriended and sometimes unfriended a few people. A while back it would actually bother me to not be liked by everyone. It finally dawned on me in order to be liked by everyone you have to keep your mouth shut.Well I for one refuse to "go with the flow".

I give everyone a fair shake but honestly got sick and tired of bending over backwards for people who would never do the same for me or anyone else. I don't like bullies. I don't like people who think they are above others in anyway or feel that you have to be controlled by them.It reminds me of the bitches in High School that walked all over others with no remorse. These are the same people that made fun of the handicapped or anyone else who didn't live up to their standards.

I would rather stand alone than in the presence of a million fake people I could never depend on.I also have never or ever will be led by anyone just to fit in. From the bottom of my heart I truly do not give a hoot. I will never be classified as what I call "Sheeple".

My advice to anyone out there looking to make their circle bigger....make sure you choose wisely. Choose people who are strong. Hang with the leaders who actually give a crap about the world and share the same values that you do. Anyone else you have to cater to will only drag you into their own misery.....Namaste!

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