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Fallout of the Presidential Election

Well the election is over and the votes are in. Whether you are a Trump or Clinton supporter the decision has been made.With that being said I have to comment on the absolutely disgusting ,childish behavior I have seen posted on social media.

Threats,riots.....these are exactly the things that Americas true enemies love to see. A nation divided.For those of you who have threatened to leave this great country,I hope you all find exactly what you are looking for.For those who are attacking the military understand that one of the reasons why you can even express your opinion is because of those who have fought for our freedoms...specifically the freedom of speech.

I purposely

do not express my political views on my page because of what I have seen in the past but it truly disgusts me to see the way many are carrying on.It is 4 years not 20 and I do believe jumping the gun and making assumptions is absolutely the wrong thing to do.So please can we try to deal with issues as they arise and remember we are all part of the human race.Instead of throwing a tantrum take that energy and push it forward in a positive light for America.....Peace,Love and Namaste!

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