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Dealing with the Holidays

Well it's that time of year again. The days are growing shorter and colder and everyone seems to be shifting into high gear. I don't know about you but I feel as soon as Halloween hits everything is like a blur until after Valentine's day in February.

Thankfully in this day and age we have internet shopping. I personally am so thankful for this. First of all finding anything you want at the tip of your fingers and secondly not having to even leave your home. I really do try to keep the spirit of the holidays but find it next to impossible if I have to deal with fighting over parking spaces and standing in lines. I'd rather be home with a hot cup of coffee.

Whichever way you deal with the holidays please take the time to remember that it's truly about us. I mean us as a human race. It's not about the gifts etc. It's about helping someone who may not have it as good as you do in any way you can.It's about remembering old friends and contacting them. It's about making the effort to see your loved ones.So please everyone this holiday season....slow it down and try to keep the spirit in your heart.....always.....Namaste!

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